AMBP Overview


The African Broadcast Media Partnership Against HIV/AIDS (ABMP) is an historic pan-African coalition of broadcast companies for the purpose of reinvigorating and increasing the effectiveness of broadcast media’s contribution to the fight against HIV/AIDS. The ABMP aims to embrace all African countries and to include both public and commercial broadcasters. Inspired by UN Secretary General’s call to action under the Global Media AIDS Initiative, the ABMP creates a structured framework for leveraging broadcast media resources with the goal of significantly expanding HIV/AIDS-related broadcast programming across Africa.

The leadership for the initiative comes from the broadcast companies working together for a common commitment to a stepped up effort in the fight against HIV/AIDS. ABMP signatory companies have pledged an unprecedented 5% of daytime airtime – approximately one hour per day – for HIV/AIDS content. The commitment of broadcasters is defined by an alignment of interests and expectations; airtime is not purchased for placement of HIV/AIDS messaging and companies are committed to leveraging existing resources for increased HIV/AIDS communication. As influential opinion leaders in their respective communities, media leaders’ active engagement in the fight against HIV/AIDS also sends a powerful signal to policymakers and other stakeholders about the importance of a collaborative and stepped up response to the
HIV/AIDS epidemic.

A central objective is to promote a new paradigm in the broadcast industry’s approach to HIV/AIDS-content based on:

  • Promotion of a business-centred approach incorporating HIV/AIDS as part of broadcasters’ core business and ensuring integration of HIV/AIDS-related messages and themes across all programme formats and schedules;
  • A consistent pan-African HIV/AIDS-related communications framework targeting key drivers of HIV such as gender inequity, stigma, coercion and peer pressure.

By taking a business-centred approach, the ABMP seeks to: mainstream HIV/AIDS related communication and programming; leverage existing programme formats and broadcast resources in support of increased HIV/AIDS-related communication; and provide for sustainability of the approach and the stepped up effort.

To meet its goals, the ABMP will facilitate two streams of content development within the pan- African strategic HIV/AIDS communication framework:

  • Core content (generally PSAs and short format programming) will be centrally developed with creative input from the signatory companies and distributed rights free across all signatory companies;
  • Company content will be developed by signatory companies integrating the key messages and themes of the HIV/AIDS communications framework across existing programme formats

The ABMP is overseen by a Steering Committee of broadcast executives nominated by the broader ABMP membership meeting annually. ABMP member companies provide a minimum of 5% daily airtime in support of the ABMP’s efforts as well as substantial personnel and production resources. The YOU campaign is developed and produced with the operational, technical and funding support of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation. Additional funding is provided by the David and Lucille Packard Foundation, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, UNAIDS, UNICEF, the U.S. Agency for International Development and the World Health Organization.