media companies

This section includes a brief corporate profile and information on the HIV/AIDS-related programming of African broadcast companies that are part of the African Broadcast Media Partneship Against HIV/AIDS.

The Old Fort Declaration embodies the joint commitment of more than 20 of Africa’s leading broadcasters to intensify their contribution to the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa. This historic pledge was the result of a three-day summit meeting of Africa broadcast leaders convened for the purpose of reviewing the contribution of broadcast media to the fight against HIV/AIDS and to explore ways of increasing the effectiveness of HIV/AIDS related communication and programming. The broadcast leaders concluded that broadcast media has a pivotal role to play in helping turn the tide of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa and resolved to redouble their effort.

ABMP Member Companies (as of May 2009):

>   ABC-Television, Africa, Sierra Leone   >     >   Radio Mozambique   >   South African Broadcasting Corporation  
>     >   Liberian Broadcasting System   >     >   Southern African Broadcasting Association (SABA)  
>   Africa No 1, Gabon   >     >   Radio National Malagasy   >   Sudanese Radio and Television Corporation
>   African Union of Broadcasting   >   Makemba Broadcasting Company, Diamond FM, Ghana   >     >  
>   Botswana Radio and Television Services   >   Malawi Broadcasting Corporation   >     >  
>   Broadcasting Organisations of Nigeria   >   Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation   >     >    
>   Buddu Broadcasting Services, Ltd, Uganda   >   Metro TV Ghana   >     >   Tanzania Independent Television/Radio One
>   Cameroon Radio Television   >   Mindset Health   >     >   Telediffusion d’Algerienne
>   Cape Town TV   >   Namibian Broadcasting Corporation   >     >   Televisão de Mozambique
>   e.TV, South Africa   >   Next Generation Broadcasting   >     >   Televisão Pública de Angola
>   Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency   >     >   Radiodiffusion Télévision Ivoirienne (RTI)   >   Television Malawi
>   Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria   >     >     >   Télévision Togolaise
>   Gambia Radio and Television Services-GRTS   >   Radio Algerienne   >     >   Uganda Broadcasting Corporation
>   Ghana Broadcasting Corporation   >   Radio Centrafrique   >     >   Voice of Nigeria
>   Instituto De Comunicação Social, Mozambique   >   Radio et Télévision publiques de Madagascar (ORTM)   >     >   Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation
>   Kenya Broadcasting Corporation   >     >     >   Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings
>   Lesotho National Broadcasting Services - Radio   >     >   Sociedade Independente de Comunicação (SOICO), Mozambique