Speeches from the Summit

Summit Statement 05/2005

Top African broadcast leaders from more than twenty countries today launched an Africa-wide action plan to step up the media fight against HIV/AIDS.

Over the past three days, broadcast leaders meeting in Johannesburg examined the contribution of media to the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa and around the world, and thrashed out a strategy to strengthen the impact of HIV/AIDS communication and messaging.

The meeting concluded that broadcast media in Africa is pivotal to the effort to stem the tide of the HIV/AIDS epidemic in our continent.

Most African broadcasters already have made considerable effort to educate, inform and increase awareness of HIV/AIDS among their populations. However, the meeting recognised that HIV/AIDS is an intractable scourge and that greater and more sharply focused effort on the part of broadcasters is required.

To that end, the meeting resolved that African broadcasters would join together in a new, pan-African collaboration to be known as “The African Broadcast Media Partnership Against HIV/AIDS”.

The purpose of this partnership is to make HIV/AIDS a central part of broadcast media corporations’ business strategies and programming. The corporations gathered here committed to substantially increase airtime for the broadcast of HIV/AIDS-relevant programming across all genres.

In order to facilitate these objectives, the African Broadcast Media Partnership Against HIV/AIDS will include:

  • A sustained process of technical support
  • Skills development
  • Facilitation of co-productions and rights-free programme sharing
  • Advocacy for increased funding from in-country and donor sources for HIV/AIDS-relevant programming
  • Development of indigenous programme production capacity and technical capability.

In the weeks and months ahead the African Broadcast Media Partnership Against HIV/AIDS will seek to engage other broadcasters, public and private, across the continent.

The African Media Leaders’ Summit , Johannesburg, October 3-5, 2005 was organised under the auspices of the Global Media AIDS Initiative (GMAI) launched by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan in January 2004. The GMAI is a call to action to world media leaders to contribute their extensive resources to fighting the spread of HIV/AIDS.

The Johannesburg Summit was co-convened by the South African Broadcasting Corporation, the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation, the Nelson Mandela Foundation, and in association with the Southern African Broadcasting Association.


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