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Producing innovative programming focusing on PMTCT workshop

In early November more than 40 TV and radio program producers from 15 African countries gathered in Johannesburg for a three day workshop on producing innovative programming focusing on PMTCT. The workshop, organized by the African Broadcast Media Partnership (ABMP)—a pan-African coalition of more than 60 African broadcast companies committing significant airtime and production resources in the fight against HIV/AIDS—focused on developing innovative approaches to broadcast programming promoting access to services for Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV. The workshop is part of a year-long broadcast media campaign launched by the ABMP last August designed to increase public awareness of PMTCT and to encourage broader community support for HIV positive women who are pregnant. The campaign is anchored by a series of television and radio ads, reinforced by longer form programming produced by local broadcasters. With the support of C-Change/USAID the ABMP developed a series of programming manuals to help broadcasters produce informative and entertaining programming on the topic of PMTCT and related issues such as partner support, stigma and traditional attitudes to child bearing and birth.

The training workshop was organized with the support of AusAid, UNICEF, UNAIDS and WHO.
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The ABMP has launched a fresh 12-month TV and radio campaign (August 2010 – August 2011) focusing on the prevention of mother to child transmission (PMTCT) of HIV. The ABMP’s campaign is part of a worldwide effort to achieve universal access to PMTCT services and to end HIV infection in babies by 2015. It is achievable. Today, the risks of HIV transmission from mother to child can be virtually eliminated if the mother follows the correct PMTCT protocol.

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To access the full report on the PMTCT Strategic Vision (2010–2015), click here

The ABMP ads focus on:
  • increasing awareness of PMTCT and its effectiveness in reducing HIV infection in babies;
  • encouraging pregnant women to test early for HIV and to register for PMTCT if necessary;
  • reducing stigma by underscoring that pregnant women need support from family and community in accessing PMTCT services;
  • promoting collective responsibility for achieving the goal of an end to HIV infection in babies (Make it Possible: It Begins with YOU!).
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PMTCT Study Shows Few Infants Get Protective Drug

"In parts of Africa, only about half of babies born to mothers with HIV receive the HIV prevention drug nevirapine," according to a study published July 21, 2010 by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). The HealthDay News/U.S. News & World Report writes that the study, which was part of an HIV/AIDS theme issue in JAMA to coincide with the International AIDS Conference-AIDS 2010, "highlights the need to expand global programs designed to prevent HIV/AIDS in newborns. It also points to the need to incorporate ongoing monitoring and quality improvements into all nevirapine-based care programs, the study authors concluded." Read more here.

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For WHO international guidelines for use of antiretroviral drugs, go here
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New Radio Programming Guides for Radio Producers

A new HIV/AIDS programming guide for radio program producers is now available. Designed to provide ideas about longer form programs such as talk shows, documentaries, news and magazine programs that expand the key themes of the YOU campaign, the guide follows the unfolding saga of the mini radio drama series Can Tru Luv Withstand the Test? The series, now in its second year, follows the daily lives of a group of twenty-somethings as they navigate their way through the challenges of early adulthood. The current series focus specifically on themes of gender equity, stigma reduction, HIV-testing, and multiple concurrent partnerships.
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